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We honor EQR's mothers

At EQR, we cherish the people working at our farms especially mothers. 

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eqr mothers day blog

EQR & Flores del Cotopaxi join forces

Big news!!! Late last December EQR and Flores del Cotopaxi joined forces.

While Flores del Cotopaxi has grown a fantastic reputation for its big blooms to reach European markets, our dearest EQR has established its name, quality, and great logistics to deliver in the American markets throughout the years.


At last, both great brands recently came down together to become one.


Since then, both brands are now thrilled to announce that TOGETHER WE'RE STRONGER!

together we are stronger

The Six keys to find fulfillment in life

With our newest collection of Preserved Roses, we want to represent what we consider are the “Six keys to find fulfillment in life.” Each of them is represented with a color and a powerful word.

Click the link below to check out our Bella Sophie - Preserved Roses.

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3 Reasons you should have fresh roses at home

Roses are natural, beautiful and more importantly, they make people smile especially when having them at home.


Take a look at our three great reasons why you should keep fresh roses in your house and see if you can take advantage of any of these amazing benefits.🌹 

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MASKS & ROSES. Corona Virus adjusted this Valentine's love in Asia.

Beijing just had a radical change in its romantic traditions.


Dinners, hand-holding, touches, smooches, and other expressions of love have been eradicated because of the Corona Virus. 


Red roses, rainbow-tinted roses, and marshmallows colors were the preferred ones to show their true love beyond the advertisity. At EQR we have them all! 


Check out our latest news by clicking the image below!

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Andres, Veraleza

I am very happy with our business relationship, and I just want to thank you for being part of your family, since at the end of the day there are the people who make it possible.


The treatment is always professional and dedicated, with an extensive catalog of high-quality products.

Sarah, Freshline Floral

When it comes to quality out of EQR, I never worry. It is almost always top notch, and if it ever isn't, they take care of me. Their variety availability along with their quality makes them one of the best rose farms around. 

I have built wonderful relationships with a couple of the people from EQR. My current rep has learned how and what I like to buy and deals with my sense of humor and chaotic way of buying. She is wonderful and amazing and honestly makes up a big part of why I love EQR so much. She makes up half of their great quality. 

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