• Martin

What make roses be pretty?

Updated: Feb 5

Flowers are some of the earth’s most magnificent natural beauties people appreciate because of their bright colors and pleasant fragrances.

Among the flowers, roses have a special meaning and create unique feelings and bonds in humans. This is because the touch, the smell, and the look of roses trigger the pituitary in the human brain to release dopamine and serotonin, most commonly known as the hormones of happiness. In other words, roses make people happy.

But where do the roses come from? And what makes them so pretty and appeal to men?

There are hundreds of varieties of roses on different sizes, brightness, and aromas; they happen to grow in very few places in the world.

Roses come from countries such as Ecuador, Colombia, Holland, Kenia, Ethiopia, China, among the leading exporters. However, there is a particular reason for the Ecuadorian blooms to be the biggest, the brightest, and the most long-lasting.

The Ecuadorian capital is ranked as the third-highest city in the world right below the height of La Paz and cities in Tibet-China.

Besides the generous height, Ecuador is graced for its location in the middle of the world. The overhead sun is over the Equator line. Therefore, the middle zone receives a substantial amount of solar radiation while the angle of the sun decreases towards the north and south poles.

The 90-degree-angle of the sun and its light affecting the large size of crops was the reason for the Incas to adore and worship it as their main God.

Ecuadorian vestiges found in the mid 19 centuries show many gold figures representing the sun, which eventually would become the country's national symbol.

Back to the roses, elements such as the sunlight angle, rain, and fertile soil make them naturally the national treasure and international recognition.

EQR, as one of the largest groups of farms, grows 160 varieties of roses and distributes them around fifty countries worldwide. To learn more about the varieties and exquisite colors please visit this link!