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The importance of roses & flowers in our health

Updated: May 4

Nowadays we are living a crisis that we have never lived before. The COVID-19 pandemic has suspended activities in almost every industry, but the floral industry has been hit particularly hard.

Floral growers have experienced losses in sales. Many people stop buying flowers, but we want to show you a way to turn around this situation with scientifically proven health benefits that roses and flowers bring to us and will encourage people to get flowers.

It is difficult to ensure consumers are well-informed of facts about floral products during this time. So, EQR has pulled together top-line facts surrounding the benefits of buying fresh flowers for your homes or jobs.

First, you have to know the context behind all this crisis.

Panic made shoppers focus on essential items like toilet paper, so floral products are receiving fewer resources. Consequently, consumers are buying significantly fewer floral products and amounts of flowers are being destroyed.

Because of this the floral industry is suffering and needs support from consumers to keep the industry afloat through this crisis.

Unlike many other industries, floral growers cannot hold inventories for the future, thousands of flowers are ready for harvest but will ultimately die without being cut because the demand isn’t there.

Why Consumers Should Care Now?

Many consumers do not understand how crucial their role is in order to support the floral industry. Not only to help keep growers and businesses afloat but also for their own health and loved ones.

Flowers should be viewed as essential to people’s mental, social, and emotional well-being. That's, why we bring to you, research done by Harvard and Rutgers, which scientifically prove the importance of flowers in our health.


- 100% of flower recipients showed a “true” smile. - People felt decreased feelings of anxiety and negativity. - People felt less depressed and agitated even three days after receiving roses. - People felt happier after receiving bouquets continuously.

SOCIAL BENEFITS: - Flowers promotes sharing. - They increase social intimacy. People that received flowers tend to initiate more conversations with others. - Flowers create connections. 40% of seniors broaden social contacts after receiving flowers.

MENTAL BENEFITS: - Refreshes memory. 72% of seniors that received flowers showed improvement in memory. - The study found that flowers prevent clutter. - Roses prove to boosts energy. The study found that workplaces with flowers had more enthusiastic people. - They Inspire creativity. People create more ideas when flowers are present.

People are anxious and depressed more than ever. Roses and flowers are one of the best ways to spread love, health, and joy. That's why at EQR we strongly recommend you have roses around your home because they will definitely give you better mental health, they will help you stay positive, and finally, roses will boost your creativity during the quarantine.