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Valentines Day Red Roses and its health benefits

It is officially the busiest time of the year for our industry. Heavy work-flow, sales calls, and large orders are at the order of the day. Nevertheless, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on roses, in particular, the red rose for these Valentine's Day and its health benefits.

Traditionally, Red Roses express feelings of admiration, respect, and devotion. Plus, they are considered the flower of love, which is why red roses are popular Valentine's Day gifts.

However, red roses have different meanings all over the world, and today we are going to share with you what they mean in different regions of the world.

United States: A red rose in the U.S. can represent a symbol of gratitude, love, courage, and passion. They are very popular on Valentine's Day.

China: The red color of roses in China symbolizes luck, and they are a very traditional gift for birthdays or graduations.

Russia: Red roses in Russia are the symbol of love and can be given to relatives, your partner, or on a special occasion such as an anniversary. They are especially popular on Russians Women's Day, the biggest rose celebration in Russia.

Europe: In Europe red roses are the traditional symbol for love and romance. In some European countries, they use red roses to decorate wedding ceremonies.

Aside from what red roses represent in different regions of the world, it has been demonstrated that they also have a positive effect in terms of emotional health.

According to 10-month behavioral research conducted at Rutgers University a few years ago, roses help improve people's emotional health.

Researchers found out that roses, in particular, red roses, provide a long-term positive effect on a person's mood.

Below are the three main health benefits red roses provide:

• Roses have an immediate impact on happiness.

• Roses have a long-term positive effect on moods.

• Roses create intimate connections.

This Valentine's Day, take a few minutes and remember the power behind one simple rose and its meaning. When you see a bouquet of roses, spray roses, tinted roses, or even a single long-stem rose, you are looking at a work of art, a work of heart, and a meaningful symbol whose message goes far beyond "just a flower."

These Valentine's express your love to the people you care about subtly, by giving them one of EQR beautiful red roses.

Happy Valentine's Day!