• Martin


Updated: Feb 5

Granny used to say "birds of a feather flock together" to teach us, the younger generation, to be wise at the moment of choosing our friends. Just like Granny's wisdom, in business, the network and partnerships matter.

With the constant strive for improving the quality of its products and services, EQR came up with the smart idea of inviting Flores del Cotopaxi (FDC) along to merge.

While Flores del Cotopaxi has grown a fantastic reputation for its big blooms to reach European markets, our dearest EQR has established its name, quality, and great logistics to delivery in the American markets throughout the years. At last, both great brands recently came down together to become one.

Forty FDC premium varieties summed the EQR's hundred and twenty to offer all our customers a more vibrant portfolio.

This big news of FDC joining EQR happened late last December, and since then, both brands are now thrilled to announce that TOGETHER WE'RE STRONGER!

The final result; our customers can expect better service, more varieties, more products, and more care.

Now, nine hundred fifty passionate individuals are working together to deliver the best of ours to supply your demand and cover your needs.

Customers can rely on this merger because, at EQR and FDC, all the teams put the best efforts and love to delight the world with the fantastic Ecuadorian roses growing at the volcano's feet.

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