• Martin

The story behind an Ecuadorian Rose

Many people agree that a rose is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world and truly a gift from nature, and even though this might sound like a cliché it is quite true.

A rose can appeal to our senses such as sight, smell, taste, and even touch if you are careful enough with the thorns. It is no surprise that these flowers have been so popular in the market throughout ages and year after year people use them as an instrument to express their feelings towards one another or for aesthetics and decoration of interior spaces.

Their value can be easily attributed to the strong appeal they have towards our senses and this is not hard to notice from a simple interaction with a beautiful rose or a bouquet. What becomes a little bit more of a challenge is to understand that their value also lies within the process behind them entering the market which involves all the harvest processes, post-harvest, and last but not least the packaging process.

Understanding the intricate and intrinsic value of a rose takes a little bit more involvement in the industry or being a rose enthusiast.

Nothing beats a personal visit to a rose farm in order to learn about the product. Despite this, there are other things that can be done if a visit is not a possibility such as talking to experts, watching videos online, reading articles like this one, etc.

Therefore, it is evident that to have a true appreciation for a rose one must understand their extrinsic and intrinsic value and what is the story behind a rose. The truth is that understanding the process behind the roses we display in our homes enhances their value even more and the appreciation of them is greater now not only for their extrinsic appearance and value but also due to the story behind them.

To understand the whole rose process it is important to begin with, the soil and field which must be in optimum conditions when it comes to the insertion of new plants. During the following growth stages of the plant, the extra buds apart from the main ones are removed. Also, in preparation for special holidays pinching the plant is important in order to ensure a prolonging of the blooming of the final flower.

The post-harvest is an important phase of the whole process because of the hydration, qualification and careful hand selection and preparation the flower requires before it is carefully bunched, sent to the cold room and later packaged appropriately so that is ready to travel to its destination before finally reaching a happy client’s home.

This is why EQR takes great pride in the personnel who works at our farms because, without their hard work, the magic and beauty of our roses would not be possible.