• Martin

The Rose Colors of Easter

Updated: Mar 16

Spring is such a beautiful awakening full of brightness and music the birds, the sky, the trees, and even the flowers offer to us selflessly.

This pleasant giving becomes another good reason to feel gratitude.

And along the season, the religious and nonreligious celebrations line up to join the happiness and joy.

Easter is, for instance, a celebration full of colors accompanied by a subtle breeze, playful children's giggles, and even adult's laughter.

Yellow, Lavander, Light blues, and Peach are perfect colors to replicate a beautiful ombre sunrise. Bright roses and ranunculus are the right natural flower to light up the season.

EQR, a farm specialized in premium roses, is diligently taking care of the plants' growth organically, for bigger, brighter, and long-lasting roses.

And the fantastic EQR rose expert has wisely selected Senorita, Faith, and Nena to be the right light pink. As for the yellow varieties, Idole and Gold Strike are the right options. The lavenders like Tiara and Cool Water are two fabulous roses to highlight the holiness of the celebration.

Besides the light colors, for 2020, we are expecting loads of shots of colors. To please all our customers, at EQR, we are preparing lovely Marshmallow tinted roses.

With more than 100 hectares of rose farms, EQR is growing to offer you the best quality roses. Our customers appreciate the best quality of roses and services. Moreover, 50% of our Easter production is sold out.

The seasonal colors are running out very fast. To be able to secure yours, contact us to our Miami or Quito office to place your order before all the roses are taken.

At EQR we are always happy to connect and share more love and happiness through the best quality roses.

Check out our yellow spring roses here!