• Martin

Superbowl 2020 and Bicolor Roses!

One of the most exciting moments in sports is about to come, the 2020 Super Bowl!

The major event will open with the traditional national anthem. There is no one better than the various times' grammy winner Demi Lovato to sing it and enamor the audience with her voice. Her vocal performance has been considered as one of the few top most talented. Her name and singing voice are on top along with Beyonce, Mariah Carrey, and Christina Aguilera.

As for the game and the teams, predictions say that both teams are going to have a powerful offense.

On one side, the 49ers are the more physical football team. We are expecting to see the 49ers knocking people four and five yards off the football field also because their ability to running the ball faster may give them the chance to bring the ball home quickly.

Commentators even bet that Kyle Shanahan is going to spend days pumping up Jimmy Garoppolo to make sure that he is the major factor in the super bowl.

On the other side, the Chiefs reached the AFC championship game for the second consecutive season, the first time they had done that in franchise history. They're finally back in the Super Bowl for the first time in exactly 50 years. The Chief's key player, Patrick Mahomes is nearly impossible to hold down, making the team a good contender.

Although the Chief's passing defense is one of the best this year, they were just fewer yards after the catch the year that might be a good advantage for the 49ers.

Another Chief's defense of strength is Frank Clark, who has been on the tear. Six sacks in his last four games, the dual Clark and Chris Jones have achieved to the 11 most sacks of the seasons, as a reason for the 49ers to fear the Chiefs.

At last, this 54th super bowl is going to be epic, and we are all biting the nails previous the big game.

As for halftime, we are expecting two beautiful and talented Latinas Jlo and Shakira.

"Ten days until Super Bowl," Shakira captioned her post on Instagram. "Stepping up our preparations." In the short clip, Shakira's newest song "Me Gusta" is playing in the background as she tosses a football.

While Jlo is also announcing her early preps for an epic performance. All we can say is that two hot and talented Latinas together can only set the Super Bowl on fire.

It is the most wanted game of the new decade.

Regardless of who wins the Super Bowl, the EQR team has the best bicolor to celebrate this very important sports day all over America.

The best quality roses can only be given to champions and winners!