• Martin

Preserved Roses: Everything you need to know!

All flowers, especially roses are so beautiful that it saddens us when they wilt in their vase, we wish they could last forever or at least a little more time than they do.

To this problem, a solution, as well as a new market opportunity, has risen in recent years. A technique for preservation that allows roses to conserve their natural beauty for a longer time and with proper care, they can last for more than one year!

In the first stages of their creation and commercialization, not everyone knew about the preserved rose, even people within the flower industry. However, the word has reached 90% of the industry member’s ears and since then, the possibilities for this product are endless and their popularity is forecasted to grow even more with time.

Preserved roses are a whole new market because their use and handling are somewhat different than that of a natural rose. You no longer face any issue of fast perish and you have more time for its commercialization, which is a great plus.

Also, the final uses of the preserved rose are somewhat different than those of a natural rose. Therefore, the preserved flowers, and, in this case, preserved roses are a whole separate market segment on their own. This, in turn, acts in favor of their attractiveness because they simply add value without competing with existing fresh flower products.

The final presentation or display, as well as handling, care and finally duration between a natural rose and a preserved one, is different.

Natural roses need to constantly be hydrated or they will lose their beauty and wilt faster.

Their beauty is appreciated in houses, offices, hotels, event venues, etc. in vases with water or in arrangements with oasis.

On the other hand, the instructions for care of a preserved rose specifically indicate that these should not be put in water or they will be damaged, and they will lose their coloring. The fact that they don’t need water facilitates their handling and transportation in an appropriate box or container.

The popular uses of preserved roses include gift boxes that are adorned with preserved flower buds in different available sizes along with chocolates, essential oils, or basically anything one wants to offer as a gift. They are also used for home décor where the flower heads can be displayed in all types of transparent containers or small vases among organic and natural elements such as twigs, acorns or anything one’s imagination desires.

If these arrangements are not exposed to water, direct sunlight and high humidity, the flower head will conserve its beauty for a much longer amount of time. Therefore, it is important to follow the care instructions of the preserved roses so that they have a longer life and a more beautiful state.

At EQR we are very excited to be offering this premium product to our clients all over the world.