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MASKS AND ROSES. Coronavirus adjusted this Valentine's love in Asia.

Written by Carol Zurita

Beijing just had a radical change in its romantic traditions. Dinners, hand-holding, touches, smooches, and other expressions of love have been eradicated because of the Corona Virus.

Only, masks, gloves, and speedy hugs were left for adventurous couples who dared to walk outside the safety of home to meet their partners.

In the south, Shenzhen and Hong Kong couples were separated on the Love's Day as officials have been urging individuals to refrain from social gatherings and going out to avoid infection of coronavirus, which has killed more than 1,380 in China and infected nearly 64,000 people.

Although florists and gift shops had a loss in sales this year, the online rose delivery businesses found an increase in sales of 8%. Many stay-home couples got to receive their rose bouquets at the door by a masked and gloved courier. Thus this online shop increase also turned out to be a significant opportunity for the Ecuadorian rose to make its way to bring color and positive emotions during this scary period.

Red roses, rainbow-tinted roses, and marshmallows colors were the preferred ones to show their true love beyond the advertisity.

This year at EQR farms, we cut, packed, and shipped fresh roses, adding compassion and best hopes for the quick recovery and immediate cure to all our Chinese customers.

With the spirit of bringing light, hope, and happiness, EQR is ready to grow more fresh flowers to celebrate the next grand celebration; women's day from all over the world.

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