• Martin


The red lanterns, the bright and colorful lights hanging down the curvy roofs, are all around the cities of China.

In most cities, January still offers winter winds blowing on naked trees seen over the clean blue sky.

The always red Chinese New Year is about to come.

The celebration is a two-week sequence of events like the beginning of Spring, the end of the Lantern Festival, and the beginning of the new ancient animal.

2020 welcomes the White Metal Rat. And though people consider the rat not adorable, and it even makes its way into derogatory languages, it ranks first on the Chinese zodiac signs with perfect luck predictions in the Chinese minds.

It is time to gather with family and friends to prepare the delicious dumplings.

Meanwhile, the kids with the help of the grandparents enjoy selecting the red paper strips with gold drawing characters speaking out positive words like the famous "Good fortune" 福.

We love the great family tradition of removing last year's luck to welcome the brand new ribbon of luck. The strip is glued all-around the home's main door's frame.


As for the greetings, the well-know "Gong xi fa cai" 恭喜发财 is an expression used mostly in the south of China and spread to the Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore.

We have much Gong xi fa cai for our customers and friends. Besides the good wishes and luck, EQR has prepared the best quality red roses to celebrate the year of the rat with all of our fabulous customers in China. 我们用红厄瓜多尔玫瑰庆祝新年.