• Martin

Earth Day 2020 and Roses

Earth Day is a truly global event and it is always important to celebrate the place where all of us live in. At EQR we always look forward to celebrating days that promote environmental awareness, reminds us the beauty of our planet and why we have to protect it for our future generations.

There are many ways to pay tribute to Planet Earth on this and every single day like for example not throwing garbage to the streets, cleaning water from the oceans, planting more trees, plants and roses etc. All these actions benefit the environment. And even though we are currently living through very tough times due to the Coronavirus. The fact that millions of people all over the world are stuck at home has had some positive impacts on the environment. This a 4 positive impacts for the environment COVID-19 has had in the last couple of weeks.

1. Air pollution has dropped significantly around the world

One of the main impacts of the coronavirus outbreak has been a significant drop in air pollution in many parts of the world. Most notably seen in industrialized nations like China and in Europe.

2. New York's air has gotten cleaner

The streets of New York are eerily empty. With many people around the world self-isolating voluntarily or by official edict, the major cities in the world are seeing their air quality improve. 3. Air pollution is dropping as planes are getting grounded

Another interesting effect on the environment has been a significant reduction in air travel. In places like Europe, air traffic has taken a serious nosedive. This is significantly improving air quality and reducing pollution in the skies above many countries of the world.

4. The waters of Venice are clean once again

The coronavirus pandemic had an unexpected side effect in Venice, where the normally cloudy canals have transformed into water crystal clear enough to see fish swimming below. Without tourism because of the virus, the waters in Venice's canals are cleaner than they have been ever.

How are you going to celebrate Earth Day? Now that we are at home, roses have been proven to be a great gift to cheer people up during these difficult times, but not only that, roses are good for the environment and planet earth.

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