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EQR Tips to make this Russian Women's Day a Success!

March 8th is the favorite public holiday in Russia. Not surprisingly, many Russians call it the festival of Spring and Flowers, фестиваль весны и цветов.

This holiday is associated with the first warm days of spring. And Russian women are the center of attention.

Unlike these holidays in the rest of the world, Russia gives a particular time to honor women of all ages. People pumper their mothers, wives, girlfriends, sisters, daughters, teachers, and grandmothers.

An interesting fact is that Women’s Day holiday in Russia is a synonym of Mother's and even Valentine's Day together, because these last two fiestas are not celebrated on different dates as in the rest o western countires.

Roses are the main element to honor women in this special day. However, there are specific rules you have to follow at the moment of giving roses in Russia. That's why at EQR we have created a short list with some key rules for you to follow, so you avoid embarrassing mistakes.

1) Make sure you always give an odd number of roses, because an even number is only given on funerals.

2) Pink Floyd, Explorer, Mondial are the most famous varieties of roses given on Women’s Day, so make sure you get some of those.

3) Order your roses 3-4 days in advance. Make sure your roses arrive on time to please your lovely women.

Finally, an important thing to help you make her woman's day unforgettable is to use the right greetings in the Russian language. Here are three common greetings you use on this day.

1) March 8th / Восьмое марта (Vos’MOye Marta)

2) Happy March 8th / с восьмым марта (s vos’MIM MARta)

3) Wishing you a happy March 8th / |Поздравляю с 8 Марта (PazdravLYAyoo s vos’MIM MARta)

Women’s Day around the world is a day full of positive emotions, pleasant surprises, and love. EQR roses wishes all women a very happy Women’s day Счастливый женский день (Schastlivyy zhenskiy den)