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EQR Roses of the month : January Edition

January marks the beginning of the new year and in this case the beginning of a new decade!

This is the ideal month to capture the natural beauty of the winter season with dramatic whites and reds – which are the perfect choice for an elegant, indoor celebration. You can also opt for a soft style made of creams, bicolor pink and yellows for special occasions.

On today’s blog, we want to share with you the top rose varieties of this month picked by our EQR experts. This varieties are perfect for any type of events like for example weddings, birthdays, dinners, parties or just decorate your home or office.

EQR experts top choices for January:

Fortune, is an exclusive variety of red rose with a vibrant red color, perfect for VIP events, Anniversaries, Weddings, Birthdays, Graduations and all kind of Special Events.

Symbolism: The Red Fortune rose is synonym of passionate love. This is the type of rose you can give to someone who is very especial to you.

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The Proud Rose is an elegant eggshell white rose with a larger head than other varieties. The colors of this rose have a universal meaning. For many people the color white is sign of purity. White brings a sense of cleanliness, clarity, simplicity, sophistication and efficiency.

Symbolism: The Proud rose varieties symbolizes charm and attractiveness across cultures and generations.

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Dashing and Iconic, those are the perfect words to describe Marilyn. Her dark pink tones make an extraordinary contrast with its soft creamy petals. Just like the famous 1950s actress it is named after, Marylin is a natural true beauty that enchants and has everyone falling in love with her.

Symbolism: Marilyn symbolizes pride and enchanting beauty, and marks friendship and affection. So, it’s definitely a flower for winning hearts, from a bouquet made for the kitchen table or presented in a lavish bunch.

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Symbolism: Tara and yellow roses in general are symbols of friendship and caring.

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