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EQR Roses of the month: February Edition

February may be only 28 days long, but this year, we are blessed with an additional day. It’s Leap Year.

On this month roses tend to dominate the scene in February to honor the official day of romance and love: Valentine’s Day.

Red, pink, lavender and green colors are the roses that represent the month of February. These colors also symbolize love, friendship, and faith.

On this months edition, we are going to share with you the top rose varieties of February selected by our rose experts. These varieties are perfect to express your immense admiration, gratitude, and love to every special person in your life.

EQR experts’ top choices for February:

Like the pure white color of the snow, Anastasia is a perfect rose for warm and family events. Its blooms open quickly into a rounded flat rosette with layers and layers of petals, offering a fresh breath of mother nature.

Symbolism: White roses often represent purity, innocence and youthfulness. These roses are sometimes referred to as bridal roses because of their association with young love and eternal loyalty. They also symbolize a new beginning and everlasting love.

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This rose has qualities that give a great pleasure or satisfaction to see, and think about it. Hermosa is the sweetest of our rose varieties. A perfect rose to bring unforgettable memories to any occasion.

Symbolism: Pink roses stands for femininity, elegance, refinement and sweetness. Pink transmits gratitude, appreciation, recognition and is a great way to say “thank you”.

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Green tea is one of our greenest varieties. The Green Tea is a sturdy rose with unique bushy blooms making it perfect for winter season.

Symbolism: Green is the color of life, abundant growth, and constant renewal of energy. Green is also a very pleasing color and is often said it can impart a sense of balance, stability and peace to the human mind. If you want to surprise someone, give them a green rose.

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Amnesia is a stunning lavender rose with a perfect shape. When it opens you will notice a complex shaping of the central petals. Lavender is one of the rarest and amazing rose colors. This variety is a popular alternative for romantic occasions.

Symbolism: Their symbolism is often tied to enchantment, and wonder as well as love at first sight. So, if you have a secret crush or if someone has caught your attention and grabbed your heart, this may be the perfect rose to send them.

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