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EQR Rose Experts Guide: Christmas Edition

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

The traditional White, Green, and Red have always been associated with the coziness and the magic of the season.

Besides the family portraits, the gingerbread men, the tree, the candles, and the stockings hanging down the fireplace, the roses are such a great adornment to welcome your loved one’s home.

When we refer to roses, we not only mean to say fresh ones but also tinted.

Bright colors and the right opening stage make the roses the perfect arrangement for home decor such as dining table, shelf decoration, and even trees all year round. And during Christmas time, tinted roses are even more attractive.

For all those who enjoy hosting dinners and gatherings during the holidays, it is crucial to have the right decoration and environment.

At our North Pole Rose Workshop, the EQR decor specialists have created three great options for Christmas 2019. Check them out!

Sleigh Bells

Gold is another cozy color for Christmas. If you have a white and gold decor, then Sleigh Bell fresh roses are a perfect choice. You would be able to amaze your guest with a sense of magic and joy.


The tricolor can be the perfect entry that lets the guests anticipate a fantastic time for the rest of the night. Place a cute bunch of Mistletoe roses at the entrance to welcome your guests.

Frosty Queen:

Another great suggestion in white is Frosty Queen. Homes dining tables are usually full of colorful food; some sparkling white roses are perfect to create harmony and tranquility during dinner.