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This wedding season will be more fragrant, more nostalgic, and more romantic than ever.

Roses have always been considered the top flower to signify romance, so they are perfect for just about any occasion where you want to represent love, especially at weddings.

Summer is the season to use a mix of colors in your floral wedding design palette. At EQR we have over 160 varieties of roses with different colors and sizes you can choose from.

From all those varieties our rose experts have selected their top 4 favorite summer wedding roses for this upcoming Summer Season. Check them out and make your weeding stand out on this special day!

Red Roses:

Red Roses will stand out while complimenting the glowing bride. Red wedding roses are truly timeless!

And they are becoming ever more popular at weddings.

Red is naturally the color of love and the deep red color and shape of our different red rose varieties will make the ceremony remarkable and unforgettable.

Check out all our Red Roses here!

Peach Roses

Peach Roses stand for modesty, innocence and pureness.

They are a perfect choice to give to a young lady or if you want to show your partner how sincere you are.

Check all the peach roses we have for you here!

Fuschia Roses

Why not try something different for your weeding and go with some Fuschia roses?

Fuschia, stands for the highest kind of universal love. It symbolizes feelings of self-respect and being content with each other.

Check out all our Fuschia / Hot Pink rose collection here!

White Roses

White roses stand for being innocent, pure and young. They also symbolize the beginning of a journey.

That’s why white is traditionally the color of weddings, as lots of couples view their ceremony as the beginning of the future they plan to share.

It is one of the colors many brides prefer and that is why they are often known as bridal roses.

Check all our white roses here!