• Martin


Our people are not only our most important asset. They are our family. And we are so grateful for the outstanding work they do day by day to ensure the finest and most beautiful roses make their way to you. These are very critical times for everyone and now more than ever we want our Family to know that we care thoroughly for them, and especially for their and their loved one's wellbeing.

All our efforts have been focused to create a safe environment for the brave and determined women and men that come to work every day. We have followed strictly all the safety measures imposed by the WHO to protect and avoid any of our workers to get infected. As a part of our family, we want to share with you everything we have been doing at our 6 farms to counteract the COVID-19 from spreading. Each and every single one of our EQR workers have been provided with masks, gloves and disinfection stations for hands with clean water, soap, and antibacterial gel.

Shifts have been shortened to avoid many people to be together for extended hours. Furthermore, we have taken social distancing precautions inside the buses that we use to transport our people. Buses get disinfected meticulously before and after each shift.

At the beginning of each shift, everyone gets showered with a solution of alcohol, and hands get sanitized with alcohol-based gel. We check the temperature at the entrance of all of our staff members just to make sure that if they are sick, they don’t infect others.

These heroes without capes come every single day to do their job, a work that for some may look as non-essential, but for Ecuadorians is just as important as any other essential business. The flower industry in Ecuador employs over 100.000 people, and only at our farm over 1000 families rely on us.

While the future remains uncertain, we are hopeful that brighter days are right ahead and that we will make it through this. We are positive that we will overcome this crisis, and this is definitely making us stronger, wiser and humbler. Until then we must stay together and more resilient than ever.

You are all in our minds and hearts, stay safe.