• Martin

Different ways you can show gratitude and respect to our Veterans with Roses!

Thinking of new ways on how you can show respect and admire the veterans in your family, community, town, or city?

Below, are 4 great ways you can honor all of those who serve and fought for our country.

1. Donate to a Veterans’ Charity

If you’d like to help and don’t have the time to volunteer, you can always make a donation to veterans’ organizations like for example the Department of Veterans Affairs.

On this day you can differentiate yourself from everyone else by donating some beautiful rose arrangements or a bouquet full of patriotic roses with the colors of our national flag (classic red, white and blue).

2. Join the National Two Minutes of Silence

Whether you are at work, home, or in your car, consider taking a few minutes of silence on November 11th. Use this to reflect and also thank all those individual who fought for us with a white rose.

3. Put on a Poppy

If you want to support the veterans in your community and all over the country, another thing you can do is to wear a red poppy to show your gratitude.

Red Poppies have a significant connection to Veterans Day that comes all the way back to the First World War.

An interesting fact about Poppies is that they are also considered a symbol of appreciation for U.S. veterans in various European countries who fought against Germany on the Second World War.

Send roses to a Veteran

One of the most common ways to show your gratitude to a veteran is by sending a thoughtful present to them.

To go out of the ordinary, our recommendation for you is to buy some roses on this day. You might decide to make a nice arrangement decorated with stunning roses or you might go with a unique boutiquet like the one in picture below.

With over 160 varieties, EQR offers the wide selection of premium roses that will bring color and life to the veterans in your family. Every time you send someone a bouquet of roses, you will be showing your gratitude for their service.

Happy Veterans’ day!