• Martin

Color, Beauty & Life of Roses

One of the first steps in floral design is deciding on a color palette. This could simply be done by matching colors that look good together and focusing on an aesthetic purpose. Nonetheless, when your palette has a deeper meaning or objective, that is where the fun starts.

Sometimes we ignore that behind colors there is a science and a story. Bright and beautiful colors such as yellow, fuchsia, deep blue, etc are so appealing to the eye and draw attention.

This has an evolutionary purpose because it allowed predators to attract their prey to their beautiful colors and designs.

If you seek your floral arrangement to emanate peace, tranquility, and calmness an earthy and organic color palette, as well as pastel colors, are the way to go.

Nonetheless, we all love bright colors because they represent life itself. Bringing bright pops of color into one's home through flowers is a beautiful way to get in touch with nature. If your house is dark and there is not a lot of natural light that comes through the window a bright rose would simply be like bringing a ray of sunlight into one's home.

We don’t have the ability to control the weather and the seasons but that doesn’t mean that during winter we can’t brighten our homes with the most colorful flower arrangement out there. We invite you to take a look into our EQR Rose Catalog so that you can see the wide palette of colors we have for you!