• Martin

Best Choices for New Year’s Roses

With Christmas over and the next big celebration already on the way, you’re probably thinking about where and how your New Year’s celebrations are going to be. You might stay at home, visit your family in another city or go to an exotic place.

Whether you are hosting a party at home on December 31st or wanting to thank another host, some New Year’s roses could be just what you need to brighten the decoration and give a lift to these events.

What type of roses is perfect for my new year’s celebration?

New Year’s Eve has its own style. However, with the Christmas feeling and traditions still around the corner and many Christmassy bouquets and roses hanging up in florists this time of the year, it is easy to go ahead with that feeling and purchase something on that end.

This gives you a great opportunity to differentiate yourself from the rest of the people and surprise your friends (especially if you are hosting the party) by changing from classic Christmas designs to something simpler and more elegant that really enhances the last big celebration of the year!

Let’s be honest, roses work in almost any situation. Despite if it’s snowing or not outside, there are a few different types of roses you could choose from, which could represent something interesting looking towards finishing the year and providing you the best start to the year 2020!

Each color has a different meaning in New Years'. Below we are going to give you 5 examples of how you can match some New Year’s traditions with rose colors and their meanings for your New Years party.

1. Green represents Prosperity and New Beginnings

EQR recommendation: Lemonade

2. Yellow represents Hope and Optimism

EQR recommendations: Super Sun, Light House and Tiara

3. Red represents Joy and Ambition.

EQR recommendation: Freedom

4. Purple represents Power and Luxury

EQR recommendations: Piacere, Tiara and Moddy Blues.

5. White represents new begginings and pureness:

EQR recommendation: Mt. Everest